I'm a trained actor and self taught singer until university where I received lessons. Dancing is coming along too. Free for bookings and prices depend on event and audience size, will work for free on student projects including improv, staged pieces, films and more. Singing at a high level I am happy to take bookings for weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and other events.
Outside of acting I write and produce songs but only as a hobby, I also write poetry and am working on two projects that I am very passionate about.
Along side acting I am training to be a teacher as it has always been my dream to work with children since I was a child myself and I believe that no child should be without an education in the arts.
I hope you enjoy my blog, it's full of my crazy scrawlings and a lot of moaning about things, there is also things that are cool and things I think are cool, a brief spot of fandomming, a touch of activism and some cats. Thanks for visiting.


My older sister just put pizzas that she brought home (out of her pay) in the oven but the fuck of it all is that she decided to cook her pepperoni pizza above my cheese and tomato. Sorry, not eating that, I don’t want your fucking meat drippings on my pizza, why is everyone in my house a fuck tard when it comes to vegetarianism. I have been vegetarian for over three years now. Oh well, looks like I’m not eating tonight.

I accidentally ate some meat today and I realised it had a weird texture so I checked the packet and it was fucking beef so I threw it away and burst into tears. Now I’m really distressed because I have beef in me and it’s not fair because I’m always so fucking careful and I lapse once and just Ffffuuuuuuuuk. I’m so fucking upset. What do I fucking do?

This Tesco thing with the burgers really pisses me off… “Oh shit, there is animal meat in my animal meat! What the fuck?!! How dare there be dead animal in my dead animal!” How is a horse any different than a cow or dog or any other animal? That thing where the guy found a chicken brain in his dead chicken at KFC too… “Eww, there is animal parts in my animal parts.” It’s ridiculous. You have chosen to eat meat, don’t be fucking surprised when you realise that you actually are eating something that has died.

So I’ve been eating vegan for about two weeks now and I don’t think I can do it. I already don’t eat eggs due to my intolerance of them but veganism is just too much. I think I will continue to drink soya or almond milk, just because it’s tasty but I miss cheese and chocolate and veggie Percy’s. I’m going to stay vegetarian.

I’ve started a virtual recipe box on my Evernote…

If anyone would be so kind as to drop in a recipe for me that would be awesome! I am vegetarian but if you want to drop in a recipe including meat just do it, I know what to add or take away to make the same meal vegetarian, also I’m rather intolerant of egg yolk so as little of that as possible would be great, I can eat it without dying so I will still take recipes with it in :D Thanks guys :D