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20th October 2014

So recently I found out I was 309 pounds (22 stone, 140 Kg) and trust me, it was not muscle, but I am very happy to say that that is no longer the case, I have lost more than a stone and now I am halfway to my goal weight of 280 pounds which I hope to achieve by Christmas. As of 20th October I weigh 294.1 pounds (21 stone, 133.4 Kg). I’m extremely happy.

25th September 2014

I just ate a whole fucking pizza and I’m still 340 calories under my net goal for today. Fuckin’ ACE!

22nd September 2014

I started calorie counting (watching fats, carbs and proteins intake too) four days ago and it’s quite difficult documenting every morsel that goes down the gullet but I really do feel good, I’m eating a lot less and I’m making healthier choices (no butter, swapping some of the bread I eat for pittas etc) and I have more energy. I know I won’t shift any weight by just changing my diet, but my plan is to get my body used to the new diet for two weeks then to start the C25K program three times a week (once I get paid, so I can buy running shoes and more tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts) and then to add strength training in the new year, once my body is more accustomed to exercise.
I recently found out I weigh over 300 pounds and I can’t accept that I’ve gotten that lazy. 300 says to me that I’ve given up and I don’t accept that. I’ve always been a bit on the large size but there was a point a few years ago where I was around 250 pounds and less depending on the day going to around 230 for a while. My goal is to get down to 280 pounds or less by Christmas this year and then to start building muscle come January which should increase my fat loss and make me feel better in general.
At the moment I’m documenting my calorie intake and exercise with myfitnesspal and plan to continue doing so until I can get my hands on an Apple Watch, when I will continue to use myfitnesspal for calorie intake but use the Apple Watch features to document exercise.
I really hope I can do this. Frickle frackle.

21st September 2014

My little sister just left for uni. Crying just a little bit (a lot).

19th August 2014

Hello world, I’m having a great day, loving not being at work for the whole week. Woop!

14th August 2014

I honestly am happy that you have a faith or belief system and that you find that comforting, but please do not try to push that faith onto me in the wee hours of the morning then get super defensive/angry when I say that I don’t agree with your beliefs and that I’m quite happy not believing in anything spiritual or religious.

13th August 2014

Remind me never to eat pizza and ice cream together again, I have been to the toilet three times so far since starting work five hours ago.

7th August 2014

So my dad was having leg pains and he went to the hospital after being referred by our GP and he has thrombosis, which basically lead to my grandad’s (his father’s) death, even with treatment. So that’s a bit shit.

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