I'm a trained actor and self taught singer until university where I received lessons. Dancing is coming along too. Free for bookings and prices depend on event and audience size, will work for free on student projects including improv, staged pieces, films and more. Singing at a high level I am happy to take bookings for weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and other events.
Outside of acting I write and produce songs but only as a hobby, I also write poetry and am working on two projects that I am very passionate about.
Along side acting I am training to be a teacher as it has always been my dream to work with children since I was a child myself and I believe that no child should be without an education in the arts.
I hope you enjoy my blog, it's full of my crazy scrawlings and a lot of moaning about things, there is also things that are cool and things I think are cool, a brief spot of fandomming, a touch of activism and some cats. Thanks for visiting.



I’m at a blank with my art at the moment and thus I will be refocussing by posting a photo set of a performing artist’s work once a week to try and re-ignite my art fire. I think I will start this off with Bryony Kimmings. I’ll go into detail about her work with the photo set.

Don’t you love it when an innocuous comment turns into an argument at the dinner table? Complete with shouting, pointed comments and a dramatic storm out. The real joke: I wasn’t even part of the argument, I said something about the dinner and my mum and sister just started going at it. Fantastic.

My mum decided not to wake me up for dinner because she couldn’t be bothered and then when I did wake up she said, “Oh, it’ll be cold by now. You can reheat it.” I did and then when I complained that the chips were soggy and the pasty went rock hard she stormed out, shouting that I should have woke up for dinner. Yes Mother, I should have used my power of magically waking up when I’m called a couple of times, even from REM sleep. Now she’s blaming my not being hungry on having just woke up, really Mother, I pretty much have breakfast as soon as I wake up. Fucking bitch!

Touch wood *Touches wood*

Okay so I ordered a MacBook Pro last week and it’s coming this week. I didn’t want to jinx it by telling tumblr but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I am so excited. Aah!

I drank a whole bottle of wine because what else does a classy bitch drink?

I just want all my followers to know that I’m so happy you lot are here to listen to my rants and see all the random shit I post, thank you so much. I appreciate each and every one of you.

I hate all this bullshit about living for today and such, life isn’t as simple as packing in your job and hitchhiking about, or just taking a holiday because you feel like it, or any of that wanderlust/travelling crap. Life takes planning and travel takes money, not even for stuff, I really hate touristy crap and gimmicky shit, especially to ‘remember the good times’ but just getting to places takes money. Then getting time off of work to travel needs planning and you can’t just leave because there won’t be a job to come back to. So yes, the future and living for tomorrow are as important or more so than living for today. Also don’t live in disregard of yesterday, if you made a mistake then own up and learn something, don’t hide your head in the sand until the sun has set and risen. Your yesterdays dictate your today and your tomorrows. You can’t escape your past, you can learn and grow from it, even if the bad things that happened to you were not your fault, take some time, reflect in the past and try to figure out how to get your head around it.
I don’t live for today, I live in the past and in reflection and memory, I live in the future in planning and dreaming and if somehow I still have time to see today then I will fit that in too.

Upset. Work is really getting to me at the moment, someone new has been hired for hours that I wanted despite the position not being advertised internally and my manager knowing that I wanted the hours. I’m never going to be moved off of night shift and I can’t keep doing this, it’s killing me. Fuck. Oh, and because I’m night shift I never get any recognition for the things I do well and if something isn’t up to scratch I get it in the neck, even if it’s due to the evening or day shift not doing their job properly.

I had lasagne for dinner and you know when you just feel like CHEESE. Y’know?

People who describe their boy/girlfriend as husband or wife three months after complaining about being single forever really grate my nip nips.

A reminder.

You are not what has happened to you. What you went through in the past doesn’t have to cloud your future, I let it could mine for ten years and then I just decided that it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t encourage it. Someone took my consent away from me and ignored my right to consent at an age where I could not legally consent anyway. That doesn’t make me a bad person and I have no need to feel like I’m wrong for that. YOU ARE NOT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU.