I'm a trained actor and self taught singer until university where I received lessons. Dancing is coming along too. Free for bookings and prices depend on event and audience size, will work for free on student projects including improv, staged pieces, films and more. Singing at a high level I am happy to take bookings for weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and other events.
Outside of acting I write and produce songs but only as a hobby, I also write poetry and am working on two projects that I am very passionate about.
Along side acting I am training to be a teacher as it has always been my dream to work with children since I was a child myself and I believe that no child should be without an education in the arts.
I hope you enjoy my blog, it's full of my crazy scrawlings and a lot of moaning about things, there is also things that are cool and things I think are cool, a brief spot of fandomming, a touch of activism and some cats. Thanks for visiting.


Vegan cheesy chips and nut cutlets was the way to go. So happy haps and tipped the scale of tipsy right now.

I’m very happy that I’ve had no more than three drinks tonight as I was still vomming up everything I’ve ever consumed for an hour past this time last night.

Are we arguing about busses now? I kind of just want to sleep.

You know what’s really fucking stupid?
When you know how to talk and calm your sister down from a panic attack and your mum ignores you because she knows best. Like fuck she knows best. Fuck.

Right, everything is ready for my audition tomorrow, here’s hoping it goes well.

I remembered it was pride while I was at work today and it made me happy for my whole shift :D

Missing someone is the worst feeling in the world. It’s like an integral part of you is missing and even though you love the plush Gruffalo they gave you for Christmas a few years ago it doesn’t quite match up in it’s ability to cuddle, especially where cuddling back is concerned.
I miss you.

Ugh, does everyone have those people that you follow that are cool most of the time but every now and again you just feel like screaming at them, “Shut your uneducated bung-hole of a mouth. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You are normally cool but you’re making yourself look stupid/immoral (etc). Just don’t comment on things because you have an awesome blog but some of your opinions are bad and going to the person whose blog you reblogged this post from is a lot of effort. Just shush!”? Do you have those people?

One of the things I love about trying to be a generally decent human (in terms of respecting people’s rights and being active for equality) is that I keep on learning, all the time. I am in no way, shape or form a perfect person, I have prejudices and I do need to check my privilege sometimes but I am trying to improve myself and hopefully through that I will improve the world I live in a little bit. I don’t believe anyone comes into adulthood perfectly rounded and without a prejudice or privilege, we inherit those things from our family and friends, but I do believe that once you’re socially aware (which only started happening to me after I started university) you can work to be a better person and stand for people who have their voices taken away or who society knocks down to keep the “heterosexual white man” on top. Only through perseverance and a bit of self-awareness will this be achieved and I am just glad that I started this journey in my late teens, because hopefully I can be this better person I see in the future in a lot less time.

I’ve had such a good day even though I was working. One customer told me I was lovely, another had a long chat about being a teacher with me, I applied for Sainsbury’s internal talent competition, the security guard told me he thinks I give the best customer service in the store and a customer who works in another branch asked for my name and said she was going to write a comment on our ‘How did we do?’ page because I’m always so nice. So happy, oh and the sun bringing all the shirtless guys out was not a bad point either… 

When I get on to tumblr a lovely mutual (@wandaaa) sends me a message which made me happier.

To top it all off I get paid tomorrow which means I can buy me a PS2, plenty of vodka for Percy Pig flavoured vodka and Percy Pig vodka Jellies, my train tickets to see Beth on Saturday and I can afford to book my holiday. This week has turned out to be a super awesome week. Thank you universe.

Having watched 30 Rock almost uninterrupted for three days, and from past knowledge and understanding, I have decided that I will grow up to be Tina Fey as she is perfect and a good role model. I think I can add that into my five year plan with just a little tweaking.

Having worked for the last four days my aching feet are glad I’m not in again until Wednesday.