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7th May 2012

I’ve started a virtual recipe box on my Evernote…

If anyone would be so kind as to drop in a recipe for me that would be awesome! I am vegetarian but if you want to drop in a recipe including meat just do it, I know what to add or take away to make the same meal vegetarian, also I’m rather intolerant of egg yolk so as little of that as possible would be great, I can eat it without dying so I will still take recipes with it in :D Thanks guys :D

19th December 2011

I have learnt a lot about myself recently. I am a sexual person, for instance, and I thought that I was wrong for identifying as asexual because I get horny, and because I’ve had sex, and because I like sex. I’m not wrong.
Asexuality isn’t the lack of a sex drive, it’s lack of sexual attraction. I am not sexually attracted to men or women, thus I am asexual. I still want sex though, I’ve figured out that I don’t need to be sexually attracted to someone to fuck them, I mean, that’s what I’ve been doing for nearly six years now.
Fucking can be passionate, raw and heart-stopping, but I needn’t be emotional about it. I don’t want to have sex searching for emotional connection anymore. I will have sex with any man, I guess, but for the ones I care about.
I want to separate sex and emotion so that if I have sex it’s guttural, instinctive, passionate and emotionless. I want sex to be something to do to pass the time, like knitting or watching tv. I want sex simply as an outlet for sexual tension, like wanking with another person basically.
I want to have intense emotional relationships with friends and family. I want to grow attached to people I care about based on pure emotion, like I normally do with women, e.g I won’t try to befriend a woman because she’s sexy, rather because I like her personality. I want to be the same with possible ‘partners’ I want every emotional relationship I have to be platonic. I do want a person to be intimate and affectionate with, but not leading to sex.
All in all, I want to have a commited, deep, emotional and platonic relationship with one person, and a large circle of friends, but I also want to have random sex with strangers… Is that having your cake and eating it too?

I'm a trained actor and singer, open to bookings and will work for free on student projects. I am also training to be a teacher as I believe that no child should be without an education in the arts. Enjoy my blog, it's full of my crazy scrawlings and a lot of moaning, a touch of activism and some cats.

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